Another sock

in desperately trying to finish the numerous socks I have on the go. 

Here is a pair for my daughter who loves ducks😄

A fair few more to go mind😳 



Back in time

We have no heating this weekend  😢 so plenty of coal fires I think. But I do need my woolly socks  ,so here’s a pic of the hand knits drying by the fire like we did when we were little😂  

Shawl disaster

happy new year. 

I started this shawl in November hoping to wear it in December. However the time didn’t happen but I managed to finish it for Xmas eve. I’m not at all happy with it . I had this idea that red white and green would work and a lace drill would look good. I think however the White is too much and as a friend commented it looks a bit Welsh! So I have decided to undo the White and put on another red or green. I’m not a happy bunny because there are 700 stitches on each row for most of the border😱 anyway it has to be done to get it’s wear .  

 In the meantime I’ve managed to finish a few things I’ve had on the needles.

A Christmas jumper but not for Xmas! Pumpkin spice latte inspired!

Cocoon pink cardi ready for the cold coming. I’ll need it cos we have no heating atm.

  Today’s job was a dress for my daughter , just love the print😄 
Only one of these frilly cuffs done in sparkly angel and lace from the new Alison crowther smith book which is on the agenda for this week along with a new shawl I’ve started😳

Busy january😃