Summer of socks

All I have managed this summer is sock knitting, time seems to disappear with the kids on holiday and end of term stuff.just love sock yarn at the minute

Something actually done !

It seems the past few months have flown by so quickly . I’ve been so busy doing nothing it appears😳

Yesterday, after a trip last week to the Malvern quilt show I made up 2 dresses, one for me and one for daughter. As for knitting I seem to have cast on rather a lot of socks and shawls. Must get them done! 

Can’t wait to wear my flamingo dress.😃

Home alone

today is Mother’s Day and my husband and girls have gone off to visit the mother in law.

Having a special need child means time alone is very rare. So today I have enjoyed seeing and knitting😄

I’ve made3 dresses 2 for me and one for kmay  

And turned the heel on a sock I’ve had on the needles for ions 

Hopefully I’ll have them finished tonight😳 they aren’t back till7 so a few hours yet. Movies 24 is on and I have some chocs and champagne in the fridge! 

Happy mothers day😍

Little break from dawn😄

I have been knitting this daybreak shawl almost every waking hour ,I am really enjoying it  but I felt I needed a little break .

So I turned to the kitchen and rustled up some cup cakes , vanilla and rhubarb. They are quite delicious. 

I’m on the border of the shawl so nearly done, a bit of holby City tonight will help .

Waiting for the sun to rise

For some time I’ve been wanting to cast on Steven West daybreak so finally  here it is. I’ve been knitting all day waiting for the sun to rise in my yarn !  

I’m knitting so fast in between wash loads and the cat wanting attention, hopefully by this evening it will have happened. Here is the yarn 

 I’ll post again  when it’s risen 😳

Shawl disaster

happy new year. 

I started this shawl in November hoping to wear it in December. However the time didn’t happen but I managed to finish it for Xmas eve. I’m not at all happy with it . I had this idea that red white and green would work and a lace drill would look good. I think however the White is too much and as a friend commented it looks a bit Welsh! So I have decided to undo the White and put on another red or green. I’m not a happy bunny because there are 700 stitches on each row for most of the border😱 anyway it has to be done to get it’s wear .  

 In the meantime I’ve managed to finish a few things I’ve had on the needles.

A Christmas jumper but not for Xmas! Pumpkin spice latte inspired!

Cocoon pink cardi ready for the cold coming. I’ll need it cos we have no heating atm.

  Today’s job was a dress for my daughter , just love the print😄 
Only one of these frilly cuffs done in sparkly angel and lace from the new Alison crowther smith book which is on the agenda for this week along with a new shawl I’ve started😳

Busy january😃